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Erica Malachi ~ Cheraw, SC Founder                                                  Empowered Overcomers

Rickey Brown, Bennettsville,SC

Soul Expression

Dr. Tracey Powell ~ Atlanta, GA

Practical Leadership: Lessons Learned from Mickey

Dr. Beverly Rogers ~ Durham, NC

A Century + of Living

Kimberly Fields ~ Columbia, SC

Fit For the Kingdom

Michelle Thomas, Charlotte, NC


Dr. Sandra Ingram, North Carolina

Talk More, Fight Less

Tashonda McCormick, Fayetteville, NC

Tell The Truth Timmy

Dr. Kylie McBride, South Carolina

The Moses Mentality

Tiffany Myers ~ South Carolina

Dear Sons: Imperfect and Flawed Mom's Why

Sandra Gamble ~ Bishopville, SC

To Hell and Back

Michael Strong ~ Bennettsville, SC (Founder)

Strong Getting Stronger: An Inspiration

Sharmini Cohen ~ White Rock, SC

Destination: Flora

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Michael Strong

Scenes from our very first 2019 Black Authors Lab and Book Festival

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