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Erica Malachi ~ Cheraw, SC Founder                                                   Empowered Overcomers

Montril Jones ~ Charleston, SC

Ministry of Marriage

Dr. Tracey Powell ~ Atlanta, GA

Practical Leadership: Lessons Learned from Mickey

Linda Orji ~ Charlotte, NC

Cracked Concrete Vol. I

Ashley Williams ~ Lake City, SC

Pure Innuendos

Michelle Thomas, Charlotte, NC


DN Miller, Pittsburgh, PA

The Museum

Abigail N. Crawford, College Park, GA

Deronda Hannibal Sanders, Hartsville, SC

Legacy of a Queen

Roy Wyatt ~ Richmond, VA

Color ‘n America (Color)

Ya' Londa Freeman ~ Cheraw, SC

The Naked Truth

Lisa Bradley ~ Bishopville, SC

Expressions of the Heart

Cassandra Shine ~ Winston Salem, NC

Her Voice Beyond the Grave

Michael Strong ~ Fredericksburg, VA (Founder)

Strong Getting Stronger: An Inspiration

Laotia Kilgo, Charlotte, NC

Woman in Bloom

Nioka Stuckey, Charlotte, NC

B.O.S.S. U.P.

Dr. Sandra Ingram, North Carolina

Before You Pray Again

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Michael Strong

Scenes from 2019 Black Authors Lab and Book Festival