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Erica Malachi ~ Cheraw, SC Founder                                                   Empowered Overcomers

Montril Jones ~ Charleston, SC

Ministry of Marriage

Dr. Tracey Powell ~ Atlanta, GA

Practical Leadership: Lessons Learned from Mickey

Linda Orji ~ Charlotte, NC

Cracked Concrete Vol. I

Tara Thompson ~ Charlotte, NC

Divided Souls

Michelle Thomas, Charlotte, NC


DN Miller, Pittsburgh, PA

The Museum

Tashonda McCormick, Fayetteville, NC

Tell The Truth Timmy

William Davis, Chapel Hill, NC

Falling Apples

LJ Hamilton, NC

Man Codes: DeCoded

Lisa Bradley ~ Bishopville, SC

Expressions of the Heart

Cassandra Shine ~ Winston Salem, NC

Her Voice Beyond the Grave

Michael Strong ~ Fredericksburg, VA (Founder)

Strong Getting Stronger: An Inspiration

Dr. Sharon Adams

Do You See Me

Nioka Stuckey, Charlotte, NC

B.O.S.S. U.P.

Dr. Sandra Ingram, North Carolina

Before You Pray Again

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Michael Strong

Scenes from 2019 Black Authors Lab and Book Festival